Wednesday 22 March 2017

From the Kitchen Studio

 I've had a productive few days of studio time, partly  tweaking a composition on my design wall  with a bit of stitching in the upstairs sewing room but mainly  working on Journal Quilts and samples in the painting ( kitchen) studio. It's a while since I used my Golden acrylics ( using them like watercolours on gessoed sections of old quilt ) - I'd forgotten how intensely pigmented they are!
February's Journal Quilt is collaged scraps, machine and hand stitched , inspired by swirling waters around rocks at Rydal .
March's Journal Quilt  is inspired by the breakwaters at Birchington as are the 2 postcards below. Sections of  stiffened indigo cloth are inserted into cut slots in the quilt with stitching from the back with perle in the bobbin .

Probably my favourite though is this map-like sample I used to demonstrate painting techniques to CQ Kent group when they visited. It's basically a tension testing square  with a light coating of gesso then painted. I just love the random marks and loose threads!

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