Monday, 20 March 2017

Drawing Tuesday at Brunei Gallery and Wellcome Collection

 Drawing Tuesday last week was back at the Brunei Gallery at SOAS. Id brought coloured pencils and pens  but was so overwhelmed by all the wonderful textiles I didn't know where to begin! So I settled for something simpler (haa!) a selection of silver bracelets rendered in graphite

After lunch at Mary Ward ( delicious vegetarian food)  I headed back to Wellcome Collection to  collect some more information for the Contemporary Drawing Sketchbook Course
 On the previous  visit I'd been intrigued by the x-ray quality  of  white ink drawings on slate by Michael Hopkins  so came armed with black paper and white pencils and crayons!
 They're beautiful when you look at them closely, the combination of hard and soft edges and diffuse overlapping shapes reminiscent of bones. On a different scale to Ian McKeevers 'Temple Paintings' but sharing some of the same qualities .
In the 'electricity' exhibition ( no photos allowed) I didn't get past the first room with the very early studies of discharge patterns . Again the black paper and white gel pen came in handy and I remembered the subtlety  of Rothko's  graphite on black  in  trying to show the 'Lichtenberg Figures' on copper plates.

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Heather said...

Your drawings are wonderful - so skilled. You can really "see".