Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Two Creeks Walk

  A Saturday afternoon walk  from Oare to Faversham getting some practice in for Greece in a few weeks time. We followed the excellent directions  with map and interesting snippets of information of the 'Two Creeks Walk' . There are  some more ambitious ones  to do next  but this was an excellent introduction .

Passing the boatyards we walked along Oare creek until  it met up with Faversham Creek at  'Hollowshore' ( the combined waters flow out to  Oare Marshes opposite Sheppey)
Guess how many photos I took of this boat.....
 Lots of kissing gates along Faversham creek , pretty quiet apart from a group of birdwatchers (  several Little Egrets  but always flying off before I could get my camera out)
Then we were on familiar territory  at Iron Wharf and rewarded ourselves with a pint at the Phoenix on the way home.  I love that we can just walk out from the house and experience these wonderful places.

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