Thursday 12 September 2013

Mark - Making

Sometimes  good things and opportunities  all come together at the  same time to build (hopefully)   something more than the sum of the parts, a major step in my development.

Just received my copy of 'Mark-making in textile art' by Helen Parrott and it's an absorbing and stimulating read covering not just techniques but thoughtful insights into artists practice and taking things further. Helen was a tutor at CQ Summer School when I did a workshop with Jo Budd  and I could readily  have done her course,  enjoying conversations over dinner.  The section on needles has sent me scurrying to ebay for some curved needles to try and to my stash of colour catchers.

Ian and I are going to Hever quilt show on Sunday and to Knit and Stitch at Alexandra Palace in October after our return from Weymouth . One of the key exhibitions there will be by Dorothy Caldwell who's work I so admired at Festival of Quilts several years ago. I'm lucky enough to have a place on her workshop on 'Human Marks' at Masseria della Zingera in Puglia!! The week before I go there  I'm going up to Saltaire with Sue to see 'Cloth and Memory' which has been well reviewed  by several people who's views I value, then we're  doing a session on mark-making associated with the  Studio 21 exhibition 'Chinese Whispers'. Hope I don't peak too soon with all this excitement!


Julie said...

I'm hoping to get to Saltaire after we get back from Scotland to see the exhibition. The workshop with Dorothy Caldwell should be fascinating. Thank you for recommending Helen Parrott's book. I saw the work the girls were doing in her workshop at Summer School and it has stayed in my mind. That was a particularly good Summer School wasn't it? If it hadn't been for Jo Budd I could have done either of the others.

Heather said...

I did a workshop with Dorothy that was totally inspirational. And I just got Mark Making from the library yesterday and am thoroughly enjoying it.