Thursday, 26 September 2013

Red Knots and Loops

Debating what to do when I changed my ideas  for a challenge with the theme 'red', inspiration literally fell from above, with a piece of silk that Reiko Damon gave me on my trip to Japan several years ago falling from the top basket of my stash.  I cut off pieces for sampling, first of all  backing it with  other vintage kimono fabrics then settling for an African tie dye  where the marks show through the pale areas.  

Besides extending the original stitch marks of the shibori, I've been having great fun experimentsing with loops and knots  following suggestions in Helen Parrott's 'Mark-Making' book. I love the graphic quality, like quirky calligraphy,  and the shadows cast add to the effect. Now to decide how to use these on the 'real deal' which is already looking pretty sinister like some monstrous red cactus. 

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