Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Plunder from Hever

 On  Sunday we went to Hever Castle  so I could steward the CQ@10 exhibition. It's been a few years since I went  and the quilt show is now incorporated in a 'Country Life at the Castle' event. While it's nice to see displays on beekeeping and other crafts, the  area for quilts is much  smaller and no longer have the Hever Challenge open to all QGBI members not just those in Region 2. In my opinion , CQ display  aside, it was rather disappointing and much diminished from previous years.

 We did have an  another reason for visiting however. On a previous visit, on the  walk along the footpath from the station, we'd  discovered sloes and made some rather nice sloe gin- this time we came prepared with plastic boxes to gather them in!  It's a bumper year. Another issue for a needle - pricking them before they go in the freezer for a while.

 Bringing Ian along has other advantages - he buys me fabric. Talking to Jo Lovelock, she thought other quilters might want to take him home ( although quilt husbands tend to disapprove as it sets a precedent)

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Susan Briscoe said...

Shame the Hever show is smaller now. I'd like to come back as a demonstrator one year - do they still have space for any? Looks like you had a nice haul of fabrics there too. Enjoy your sloe gin!