Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thread Count

 Reading through  the section on threads and needles in  Helen Parrott's 'Mark-Making' and the article in the latest Quilter by Sheena Norquay on seed stitching, I've been having an audit of what I've got!
The hand threads I like to use best are cotton perle no 8 (or equivalent - House of Embroidery 'Mystique' is a favourite) . I untangled 2 large plastic boxes worth and divided into 4  boxes instead.
I've blogged before about the Gutterman silk buttonhole threads my mum bought in the 70's, a treasure which is a joy to use.

I have several  biscuit tins, it started with cotton quilting threads  and then I've recently discovered Wonderfil 12wt cotton , plain and variegated - a very well behaved thread with a tight twist and slight sheen . It reminded me a bit of  a thinner version of DMC cotton a broder which I also like to use. I have quite a few white and cream threads (including sashiko) which I mainly use to dye my own indigo threads.

My mum was a very keen embroiderer and hoarder. Threads I inherited  range from fine linen to thick 'Perlita' with Anchor soft embroidery and cotton perle 5  along the way. These I mainly use for zig-zagged couched edging to Journal Quilts

I sold/ gave away the goldwork and wool tapestry threads  but held onto the stranded cotton which I thought might come in handy one day. The requirements list for the Dorothy Caldwell workshop include  stranded cotton in black and white. At last, their day has come! Apart from  I don't have those colours......  Just like justifying fabric stashes,  it seems you never have exactly what you need , however large your collection.

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reensstitcher said...

Interesting to see what you have. Mine live in plastic boxes and a couple of sets of DIY drawers. My copy of Helen Parrott's book arrived yesterday so I am about to look through my many photos of lines and see what kind of sample pieces I can make using the various threads I have. Not as many as you, though.