Saturday, 21 September 2013

Replacement Rings

"I hear you had an exciting time" News of my adventures in the Fens have travelled far and wide both in  Kew and various conservation agencies. I'm pleased to say I now have replacement rings.  Initially I was going to  have my mum's  wedding ring resized  but it would have involved major alterations as the  difference was 6 ring sizes. A bit of research online on gold prices made me realise it was worth more as a trade-in as it was 5g of 22ct gold.  This and her engagement ring and a few bits of other jewellery  I sent in part exchange to Charles Hart  towards the purchase of a vintage white and yellow gold eternity ring with 7 diamonds. My engagement ring  was from the 1930's so I was interested in a 'preloved' replacement. Not only did my mum's jewellery cover the cost but I received a cheque  for £50 with which I bought  2 silver rings for wearing as 2nd best when out in the field, gardening, painting etc  
I really  didn't like being ring-less. While all this was being sorted out, Ian fished out an old wedding ring of his to wear while I was waiting. A perfect fit and I love the marks on it which complement the shape of  the eternity ring. A  happy outcome. 


Linda Bilsborrow said...

I'm delighted that this story has a happy ending, and what a good way to achieve a happy ending. I know that my Mm would have liked this idea!

Julie said...

I'm glad too Mags that you have been able to replace your rings. They look beautiful. A happy ending as Linda says and a good way to reinvest your Mum's jewellery into something wearable to continue making memories.

Margaret Cooter said...

So glad to hear that the ending is a happy one ... our mothers' legacies go on giving, in surprising ways.