Friday, 22 May 2015

Printmaking 4 : Collagraphs with colour

Rene demonstrates that inking up plates for intaglio is a very messy process! After the excitement of printing collagraph plates with black ink last week, it was time to play with using different colours in different areas  

In this I applied etching inks :cyan first and hand mixed brown second , wiping off in between
In this I applied cyan and brown at the same time ( the brown was rather darker)
Then a quick roll over with some Prussian blue relief printing ink  and the 'ghost' print below. I like how there's still some residue from the intaglio. 

 Below  are the same steps  but applied to a different plate. Despite going through the same processes and through the press at the same time ,  they look rather different , I especially like the top one

Tutor Anne-Marie was very patient as the press was playing up and a lot of adjusting and brute force was required. Next session in 2 week start hard ground etching

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