Saturday 9 May 2015

Progress on House Preparation

Today has been spent testing out potential paint colours for  our bedroom and emptying out the contents of the bedroom  bar the bed itself  ready for the  decorator who starts Monday . Upper left is our choice at the moment ( it's a bit greener in reality)

 The removal of  approximately 60 boxes and various  pieces of furniture into storage went very  smoothly  on Friday  once our neighbour had kindly moved her car ( despite parking suspension in place there were still people parked outside our house) 
 Most of it we'd moved into the front room in preparation apart from the large wardrobe and desk  in my studio- they took quite a bit of time dismantling with a very impressive tool kit

 My studio looked strangely empty ( about 20  plastic boxes of fabric are stored temporarily in the cellar )

But not for long as the  bedroom contents (2 chest of drawers and the suitcases from  under the bed)  are  waiting to find temporary  homes.  At least the drawers have  made  it back into the chests  but the rest may have to wait until tomorrow...

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