Wednesday 13 May 2015

Sketching in museums - Wellcome Collection

 Another Tuesday sketching with Margaret Cooter and co, this time at the Wellcome Collection with it's bizzare, sometimes macabre  medically linked objects.
I got to combine both amulets and  the difficulties of drawing hands from previous sessions at the  British Museums. There was a case of tiny amulets  in the  reading room ( for warding off evil and bringing good luck ) and a larger display of 'votive offerings' carved in stone.

I concentrated on drawing artificial hands constructed from metal, leather, wood and other materials. Some had more functionality than others but all elicit  sympathy for the original wearer
 Then very good coffee and looking at each others sketchbooks in the excellent café  before heading off the see the Richard Diebenkorn at the Royal Academy ( with a glimpse through half open doors of the Summer Exhibition being installed)

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