Thursday 14 May 2015

Printmaking Week 3 - Collagraph results

Feather Intaglio Ghost print 1
The results of  inking up collagraph plates made a couple of weeks ago did not disappoint ! The  variation in marks using different techniques was amazing 
Feather collagraph plate ( post relief printing) 
This plate  was just a feather  stuck down  with PVA onto  a piece of card ( I did remove the quill part) with multiple layers of shellac to seal it ( the yellow colour). We first put  plates through the press with just a piece of dampened paper to get an embossed image - very subtle so couldn't get a good photo but  intriguing nevertheless. We then inked the plate up with a roller and relief inks  and put it through the press, again with dampened  paper

 Feather Relief  ghost print
Finally we removed most but not all of the ink and then  used etching inks to get intaglio prints - applying and then a lot of work to rub most of it off!  Harder work putting them through the press than drypoint too as the plates are thicker . But so worth it. Below and at the top of the blog are the intaglio 'ghost' prints, total  magic
Feather intaglio ghost of ghost print!
The plates themselves are works of art in their own right , particularly when they've  retained some of the ink 

 Mudflats I Collagraph Plate post relief printing

 Mudflats I relief ghost print
Mudflats I intaglio ghost print

Mudflats II collagraph plate post relief printing

                          Mudflats II relief ghost print                 Mudflats II intaglio ghost print

With embossing, relief printing, and intaglio ( not forgetting the plate itself) get 4 different effects from 1 plate. And that's before experiment with combining techniques, different colours and play with chine colle. That's next time!

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Heather said...

Wow, I had no idea collagraphs were so versatile. Amazing results! Have fun exploring.