Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Develop Your Drawing week 2 - observation

 Week 2 of 'Develop Your Drawing at City  Lit  was on observation - particularly line and proportional measuring  based on the still life below. We started with some warm-up exercises - drawing  with a continuous line with charcoal not looking at the paper ( above)
 This was followed  by using the side of a piece of charcoal to make broad marks and then using your non-dominant hand . The same piece of A1 paper was used, the previous drawing just being rubbed  out with a  cloth, I like the ghostly marks remaining .

Then concentrating on doing it 'properly'  with measuring, lots of rubbing out and moving objects around - I'm not sure that light is right even now, nor the teapot spout but a  big improvement on how it started . Coffee and a  Portuguese custard tart helped.   
There was also a lot of waltzing with easels - turning them round to the centre so you could see everyone's progress.


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