Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Re-engagement with Plants

Overnight in Shrewsbury after an intensive few days re-engaging with plants as part of Biological Recording module at Preston Montford Field Centre. The 'quantum leap' sculpture to celebrate birthplace of Charles Darwin  is controversial ( mainly for it's cost)   but I rather liked it especially  how it echoed the shapes of the Welsh Bridge behind. I also enjoyed all the quirky timbered buildings (thinking ahead to Faversham)
At the FSC centre,  it's' bee hotel' is allegedly the largest in the world!

River Severn


The course was mainly classroom based with a thorough grounding in the basis of biological recording . We  planned and executed a survey as part of this ( more to show we understood methodology but it was difficult  not to get  caught up in collecting data). Heather and I were looking for evidence of  anther smut (fungal infection) of male flowers of Red Campion  only to find that this one flower was the only example! We had to be very careful when doing searches for literature using the term 'smut'!! 

  It was good to be back among enthusiastic natural history people and in my natural habitat and I look forward to returning to Preston Montford in July for the next course on using a flora. The accommodation was comfortable and the food excellent with opportunity to test some local ales in the bar while discussing the days activities. Meanwhile I have to submit 2 assignments while finishing packing up boxes for storage ( collection on Friday)

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Margaret Cooter said...

Ah those lovely timbered buildings! Good luck with the packing up; I'm sure you're almost done and ready.