Friday, 2 August 2013

Book Bag and ipad mini cover

I usually make a card or quilted item each year for the College based sandwich student when they leave. This year Helen received 2 items using images based on her project work on endangered Madagascan orchid Angraecum protensum .
A few weeks ago during 'adult learners' week I did a talk at work  on printing on fabric using computer and as giveaways  ironed some images backed with bondaweb onto some cotton bags which proved very popular. So I used one of Helens own  SEM ( Scanning Electron Microscope) photos of orchid seeds, adding colour in Photoshop.

Building on my experience making  bookwraps, I also made a  slip cover for her ipad mini, using photos I'd taken of her plants in the lab as well as more colourised  SEM images.
I'd modelled it using my Google Nexus 7 , adding a bit extra in width and  it fits perfectly. I'm going to make one for myself now  with a pocket  for the keyboard and holder for my 'alupen' stylus.
Finally getting to grips with the Nexus - most of this post was written with it - the keyboard is a great help and I managed not to delete anything this time.
I'm hoping to do some blog posts on it when I'm down in Devon next week for my painting course at Slapton


Jill said...

What a lovely gift.

Gill said...

A wonderful present!