Tuesday, 20 August 2013

FoQ Boro and Wabi Sabi

Those of us that appreciate the worn and patched, textiles that have been through many lives had some real treats at FoQ, this multilayered quilt in the Banjara exhibit ,with layers rubbed away with age and use, a spectacular example.

Other examples also from India were those utilitarian but lovely Godharis made of old weathered saris.

Closer to home, Mandy Pattulo had some interesting examples of refashioned collages and quilts from tatty bits of embroidery and old patchworks
Finally a new work but based on worn surfaces,  the stunning piece ' Blown' by Susan Hotchkis in the SAQA Metaphors of Aging  exhibition (which I stewarded on Saturday, good chance to have a closer look)

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Debbie said...

These are fantastic, particularly like the first and last piece