Tuesday, 20 August 2013

FoQ Fine Art Quilt Masters

It was good to see a new competition at FoQ - Fine Art Quilt Masters ( similar to the 'Quilt 200* of previous years with a few of the same controversies about what was selected!) My favourites were 'Round Meadow' by Elizabeth Brimelow and 'Puppets' by Anne Smith. I've heard both speak at CQ AGM's and admire their imagery and methods of working. I wonder whether knowing more about the person and their processes affects you view of their work ?

I also really liked 'Dungeness' by Sarah Welsby, wonderful mark making through monoprinting  which vividly summon up a sense of place.
This huge piece by Dorothy Caldwell 'How do we know when it's night' was the overall winner. It had her characteristic subtle details of scraps of fabric and stitch  but despite it's size (or perhaps because of  it?) it didn't have the impact for me of seeing her work at FoQ a few years ago. The poor lighting in the gallery space didn't do it any favours either.

It was good to see Pauline Burbidge's work again - I never get tired of her layers of subtle mark making through fabric paint and stitch. 

'Red stones 2'  by Dianne Firth was probably the most innovative, with the shadows cast by the 'stones' on the wall an integral part of the piece, with a 3d quality when looked at in different directions. 

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