Sunday, 4 August 2013

Garden Guests

With the  hot weather over the last few weeks, we've enjoyed eating out in the garden as much as possible, especially now we've bought a larger table. The garden is more and more jungle-like, the fig  has really taken off  now  the bay has been removed. Today we had  brunch with homemade potato cakes, bucks fizz and freshly roasted coffee ( green beans from Papua New Guinea roasted in a popcorn maker!)
I've been a bit puzzled why the Acanthus (bears breeches) has been doing so poorly, no flowers and full of holes. Early one morning I found out why - snailfest!! There were 10 snails on the plant, all quite different, all munching away!  They hadn't touched plants nearby like the strawberries and hellebores but obviously found these leaves delicious!

Other  visitors to our garden  are much more welcome! The oregano  flowered spectacularly this year and is attracting many types of insects: various bumble and honey bees, hover flies including this large hornet mimic. 
Even butterflies and moths. My herb bed is an endless source of pleasure - lovely to look at, marvellous smells , delicious ingredients and beloved of wildlife.

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Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I love the kneeling and watching photo, herb gardens are great.