Monday 19 August 2013

FoQ - Quilts I Coveted

Last year at FoQ it was the quilts of Anne Woringer that really stood out for me. This year there was no one exhibit that grabbed me but  there were individual pieces I wanted to take home! A lot of  people raved about the gallery 'Wiolan: Three dutch textile artists' but while the designs were superb they felt too clinical. Far more to my taste were various pieces by Dijanne Cevaal in 'Through Our Hands' and 'Under Southern Skies' . I've long followed her blog, done an online linoprinting course and bought some fabric but not seen her travellers blankets in the flesh, The stitching was a treat!

My favourite piece that I wanted to take home was ' Barn Door' by Claire Benn hung outside the ' Vitual Studio' of Committed to Cloth. I loved the  combination of simplicity and richness of patina, much like the peeling doors I'm so fond of. 

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Annabel said...

Hello Mags, I'll give it a second go, although I can't quite remember what I said first time round!!

I wanted to say how nice it was to meet you at foq and to agree about Dijannes work. I was very fortunate to have them at home before foq and afterwards for a while, and the colours on reef were wonderful. The feel of the Travellers Blanket was so comforting that I could imagine it actually being used as a blanket. There was a fair weight to it and the stitching was magnificent.

I think that was it! Oh, and a thank you for liking the Through Our Hands gallery too xx