Monday, 12 August 2013

Dusk Watercolours - Week 2, South Bank

Back from Slapton and Festival of Quilts - time to make an inroads into the backlog of blog posts!
On the first day of 2nd week of  City Lit Dusk Watercolour course we again met at Embankment, this time to paint  in Embankment Gardens, a delightful spot I hadn't been aware of. After it started to rain , the drawing of plants and trees started to  pall for me - I can do that at work! Having glimpsed the London Eye through the foliage I really wanted to draw the unfamiliar, the urban landscape  so I played hookey again, walking across to the South bank.

The approaching rain clouds  gave ever more dramatic skies which I enjoyed trying to capture with varying degrees of success - these simpler ones worked best.

As the sun set  the  natural light show entranced me and I gave up sketching content just to watch it  unfold

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