Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Slapton Dramatic Seascapes - Paintings

 I've been at it again - somehow deleting the contents of posts so this is mark 2! My best painting was done at the end of the course on a piece of gessoed canvas that Susan gave me to experiment on. I hope to have a go another time on a much larger piece using her techniques of painting with the whole body with plenty of  vigorous brush work, dripples and spashes. Then it can be rolled up to transport.
 It was a while since I'd done any painting so I limbered up with placing masking tape stencils on a sample for the 3rd in a series using an old red and white quilt. Other students were intrigued by the marks and I ended up doing a quick demo.
 Then I started painting on canvas boards, starting with images and sketches from the Fleet at Chesil Beach. I had others in mind but after an inspiring  visit out to Prawle Point, based the rest of my work on those.
 For the first time I did a quick sketch on site in acrylics using  a small lunch box as an improvised wet palette, something I'd definately do again, so much quicker at capturing cahnging conditions than  watercolour. I liked the fresh marks  and colours I achieved unlike the painting I did based on it
which went through several repaints and has yet to be fully resolved

This last painting also needs some more work to simplify , strengthening shapes and colours - it's a bit too literal and pretty at the moment!

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Marian Hall said...

Love your seascapes!